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If there is a final frontier of tourism left, it's Saudi Arabia. The birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is rich in attractions and stirring symbolism. For Muslims, the cities of Mecca and Medina, rich in Prophetic significance, have no equal, while the carved temples of Madain Saleh, known as the second Petra, and the sophisticated rock art at Jubbah are the Kingdom's greatest pre-Islamic treasures.

Al Riyadah Tourism in a company setup in partnership with Premier Events LLC Dubai to expand the horizon in to the unexplored destinations. Vision Realization Office in the Ministry of Tourism is aiming to achieve the Kingdom 2030 Vision in all of the Ministry sectors and work areas. This will be achieved through strategic alignment that will guarantee fulfilling the KPIs and integrating all Ministry projects, initiatives and plans with the office vision realization programs with the help and coordination with external partners who include support centers and other executives parties.

Other wonders abound, from echoes of TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) along the Hejaz Railway to the sculpted red dunes of romantic deserts. Fascinating Riyadh is a showpiece for modern Saudi Arabia, while Jeddah’s World Heritage coral architecture whisks you back to the history of this bustling pilgrim port. The pristine, azure waters of the Red Sea ache to be explored and in the south, the jewel in the Kingdom’s crown, Asir, reveals breathtaking mountain scenery where mysterious and spectacular villages wait to be discovered.

Once where getting in to KSA was very difficult for tourism purpose and now government made it as easy as few clicks on your fingertops. An electronic platform, through which the applications of inbound visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are received to apply for a visa, where tourists fill up all required information (personal information and passport information); afterwards medical insurance companies are displayed and a medical insurance policy is issued. Later, tourists read commitments that include a list of the public decency for approval before reviewing all personal information and checking the validity of the data before proceeding with payment procedures and following up on the status of the applications through the website. The tourist, then, will be informed through the email in case a visa request is approved, where the visa will be attached in the email.

One of our mission at Premier Events & Tourism is to advise you the best guides of the kingdom, meaning the ones that will make you discover Saudi Arabia’s wonders and best kept secrets with the highest standards of services and safety.


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